Fyke net is a gear used in a shallow water. they are used to catch eel and small fish. They are made from knotless Nylon or Polypropylene .
Clothing, boots, gloves and accessories for work or outdoor recreational activities, including fishing, Fipec has what it takes rain or shine!Also all you have need to take care of your boat 

Recreational sea fishing

Find all the items you need for successful fishing striped bass, mackerel, cod,sea trout and more.

Fresh water fishing

Find everything you need for trout and salmon fishing from simple hooks, fishing licences and fly tying fishing equipment

Clothing for fishing, work and outdoor activities

Fish, work or have fun in any conditions thanks to the wide range of clothing offerd to Fipec Industries inc.: Waders, boots-pants, coveralls, raingear, boots and gloves etc...

Boots and gloves

Lace up appropriately for all weather conditions and activities. Fipec offers a selection of boots for all occasions, including work, safety, ATV, motorcycle, rain, and diving footwear.


We have all the necessary hardware according to your needs. From stainless steel bolt, turnbuckle, shackle, snap hook, thimble ,clips, valve


All yours needs to maintain your boat