Fyke net is a gear used in a shallow water. they are used to catch eel and small fish. They are made from knotless Nylon or Polypropylene .

We make different fishing gear used for scientific purposes. These devices are used by biologists during inventory and during the capture of different species of fish, and universities for research purposes. Therefore, we have developed an expertise in the manufacturing and installation of trap nets.

Gill nets

Our nets are made with knotless netting and they are recognize by gorvermental office.

Fyke nets

We use this gear in shallow water for catching eels and other small fish. We make it with knotless nylon web or polypropylene


We used it to encercle fish. they are made with three pieces, central pocket and 2 aisles.

We made many kind of seinen for different fish. 

Trawl net

The trawl is a gear made-up by assembling stripes of nets giving it in funnet shape. The gear is towed at a speed varying 2 to 5 knots. The sizes of the trawl are adapted to the rated pull of the boat, and the mesh size adapted to the species we want to fish. The vertical openning is maintened with the help of trawl doors which set at angle with the strain axis, produce a tranverse pull. That pull permits the spreading of the trawl wings. Tha trawl doors are linked to the trawler by ropescalled warps, and they are spooled on the warping drum of the trawl gear can be done manually.

Fish cages

That cage are made with knotless polyethylene netting. We used it for raising and tagging fish.


This gear is used for catching small fish. Guide and aisles are include


Directly from our stores, we manufacturate and distribute many thing for workers, clothes, boots, dip net and all for fisherman or scientist.

Boots and Clothes

We supply many kind of boots and raingear and gloves for all situation