Our history

Our history

Our history

Founded in 1967, Fipec Industries first dealt in artisanal fishing products and assembling of related gear.

In the late 1970s, the company began producing gear for scientific fishing, developing products according to standards established by government agencies and research organizations.

Although most of these devices are different from those used for commercial fishing, capture methods are essentially the same; only the materials used differ.
Starting in 1985 and over the years, Fipec Industries diversified production, including the development of protective netting for sports.

At the end of 2013, the company was acquired by La Fine Mouche, known for selling commercial fishing products.

The new company, renamed Fipec industries, specializes in manufacturing traps for catching crab, lobster and periwinkle (or whelk) and is one of the leading distributors in Eastern Canada. 

In early 2017, Fipec industries acquired Filet Experts, a company specializing in the sale and installation of monofilament nets. The merging of the companies has had positive effect fou our loyal customers, to whom we will continue to provide excellent service while providing a greater selection of high quality products.

Fipec products are distributed across North America.