Fyke net is a gear used in a shallow water. they are used to catch eel and small fish. They are made from knotless Nylon or Polypropylene .

By being specialists in the field of custom nets, Fipec Industries develops its nets following precise standards, either for scientific fishing (research and capture), commercial fishing, sports, protection or any other use. Each net has its own purpose!

Protector nets

Our nets are designed to your specifications and needs. Whether it is for your protection, that of your goods or even for your safety, we will be able to advise you for a most judicious choice.


Sport nets

Our sports nets are fabricated with polyethylene thread knitted without knots, which helps diminish the hydrodynamic force caused by high winds.

Aquaculture nets

dismantled retention cage

Accessories, repairs

Fabricated to the different specifications and types of fishing, our nets have been recognized in the fishing industry for over 40 years.

Custom-made nets

During the years, Fipec Industries has received all sorts of requests for the development of nets… even for the capture of wolves! Contact us and let us know what your specifications are!