Fyke net is a gear used in a shallow water. they are used to catch eel and small fish. They are made from knotless Nylon or Polypropylene .
Whether for commercial or recreational fishing or boating we have everything you need, from mooring hardware equipment, to electronics, safety equipment, fishing gear, cabin accessories and much more!

Snow crab traps

Our traps are made from your specifications, area where you are working

Lobster traps

Our lobster traps are made of galvanized wire coated with vinyl. They feature aluminum fasteners as well as reinforcement at the corners and on the top. Various webbing and wire colors are available.

Rock crab pots

Our rock crab pots are made as durable as snow crab pots with Superior netting.

Welk trap

Built with your specifications

Fishing net

Fishing net for pelagic and ground fishing

Fishing other species

Whether it is for mackerel, halibut bluefin tuna or any other species, we have in stock all the necessary equipment to make your fishing an unforgettable experience!!

Safety and rescue

Navigate with peace of mind through our large selection of safety and rescue equipment: fire extinguishers, life jackets, signaling devices, reflectors, buoys, horns, flares, life rafts, waterproof flashlights, detection systems (smoke, propane, etc.), safety glasses, respirators, etc.

Twine,rope and accessories

Whether it is for commercial fishing or for any other purpose, we have the rope or yarn necessary for all your work.